Portia from the Season 2 episode "The Cloe Life."

This is Portia from the Bratz season 2 episode "The Cloe Life."  She is the celebrity talk show host who arrives at Stiles High School to pick a student for the first episode of her new TV show "Teens Talk."  She picked Cloe.  After selecting Cloe over the other Bratz girls (Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin), she and her camerman Wingo film their usual routine activities until Portia starts being rude to Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin.  Little does Cloe know, Portia uses her sneaky video editing skills to trick Cloe into thinking that her friends are against her.  Cloe found out about this after overhearing Portia's plan of ensuring that the Bratz break up on TV.  The next day, the Bratz pretend that they're against one another while being recorded right until Cloe found out that Portia was scamming her. She confessed to Cloe that she made a career out of lying.  Little does Portia know, the Bratz and Wingo the cameraman have turned the tables on her by recording her confession exposing her fraudulence.  It is unknown of what happened to Portia afterwards.